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 Alpaca Fur Elephant
Alpaca Fur Elephant
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Silver Framed Stone Alpaca Pendant

SKU: 13961701
 Silver Framed Stone Alpaca Pendant
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Precious stones framed by precious metals. For more than two thousand years this form of art has been mastered by the ancient Peruvian artists.

These wonderful pendants are hand made on this fine tradition. A frame of silver gives shape to these elegant and eye catching pendants. Onyx (black), mother of pearl (white), spondilus shells (orange and red) and Lapis Lazuli (blue) gives the color and the sense on elegance to these precious pendants.

Available Options:
Assorted colors 
White (Mainly mother of pearl) 
Orange (Mainly orange spondilus shells) 
Red (Mainly red spondilus shells) 
Black (Mainly Onyx) 

0.78' (2 cm)$41.99
1.17' (3 cm)$49.99



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