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Classic Alpaca Blend Gloves
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100% Baby Alpaca skeins. Set of ten.

SKU: 16702002
 100% Baby Alpaca skeins. Set of ten.

 100% Baby Alpaca skeins. Set of ten.

 100% Baby Alpaca skeins. Set of ten.
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  • True100% BABY Alpaca Yarn.
  • Each skein weights approx. 50 grams (0.110 pounds) making a total weight of 500 grams (1.103 pounds)
  • Each skein measures approximately 124 yards ( 113.39 meters).
  • All 10 skeins are from the same lot and are exactly the samecolor.
  • Yarn is 4 ply and Manufacturer recommends US #6 needle 5.5 st = 1".
  • All our yarns come and are kept at non-smoking environments.
Available Options:
 Camel - 209    Qty:      
 Navy blue - AZ1667    Qty:      
 Beige - 202    Qty:      
 Mustard - AM1180    Qty:      
 Light grey - 401    Qty:      
 Grey - 402    Qty:      
 Soft Yellow - AM8922    Qty:      
 Black - 500    Qty:      
 Brown - 302    Qty:      
 Ivory-100    Qty:      
 Purple - AZ7757    Qty:      
 Dark grey - 404    Qty:      
 Light rose brown - 211    Qty:      
 Dark purple - RJ1800    Qty:      
 204    Qty:      
 RJ2055    Qty:      
 410    Qty:      
 284    Qty:      
 294    Qty:      
 403    Qty:      

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