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Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug
Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug

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Alpaca Rug

Alpaca rugs. Handmade. We feature incredibly soft alpaca rugs, wall hangings, and pillows suitable for decorating your home, executive suite, or vacation home: Welcome to AndeanArtís large selection of high quality Alpaca rugs made in Peru by the more skillful artisans. We are the best direct source of the higher quality alpaca products.

We select only the best fur hides for for our carefully selected alpaca rugs.

Our hand made rugs combines the traditional artisans high elaborate craft of the ancient Incas with the state of the art latest technological advances: We do not cure our pelts using salt, a process used by many manufacturers.

To insure softness smoothness and an extended life in our products through our modern "chrome" chemical solution. This method allows our alpaca rugs to flex better and last for many years longer than our competitors' products. Please see the comparison chart below for a compressive differentiation exposition.

Alpaca Rugs Geometric Designs Alpaca Rugs Animal Designs Round Alpaca Fur Rugs
Alpaca Rugs Geometric Designs

Quality! Quality! Quality!

Our rugs are the best ones available!
We make no compromises with quality.
We offer just the best alpaca rugs in the market.

Here is why:

Alpaca Rugs Geometric Designs


Premium Quality vs. Standard: The Facts

CHARACTERISTICS Regular Rugs   Our High Quality Rugs  
Alum Tanning
  (Standard Quality)   
Chromium  Tanning
(Premium Quality)
  GENERAL APPEARANCE Smooth Ultra soft and dense
  SMELL Some Almost no smell
  FUR PRESERVATION Some is lost Excellent Preservation
  LIFETIME Shorter Longer
  Price Guarantee Match  
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Low $100 Minimum Order Requirement

Introducing our High End Alpaca Products line:
01.. Alpaca Purse with Alpaca Design
02.. Carved Alpaca wooden pencil
03.. Alpaca slippers for adults


alpaca rug * alpaca fur rugs

Alpaca fur rugs are made by hand in a thousand year old tradition in Peru, the Artisan combines the warmth of natural furs with modern motives to produce a tastefully unique luxury for the home. Whether used as a rug, a bedspread, or a wall hanging of your own design, you'll have something that will be in the family for generations.
Individual Alpaca pelts are carefully selected for color, texture, and the fine natural shadings best suited for the chosen design; then cut to fit the field definitions in the design. Exact attention is paid to the nuances carried by the tones and shadings of each piece in the final composition.
The cutting must, of course, be to the greatest of tolerances for a clean fit after sewing in a patchwork-fashion. Sewing is no less demanding, being done with an especially developed hand-operated sewing machine.
Trimming of the fur provides an even surface, and lends texture to those design fields accented through a structured trimming.


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