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Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug
Alpaca Rug: Eagle on branch 100% Alpaca Fur Rug

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Alpaca Sweaters

Our unique system eliminates the middle man. With us you get as closer as possible to the source of the wonderful products we carry.

We ship both form the US and directly from Peru according to what fits best for our customers. We are sure we will always bring you the best prices and service combined with the best shipping options. And you will always get the highest standards in quality.

Customer service is handled from Fort Myers, South West Florida. You can reach us at 1-877-4460649 or at 1-239-2771877.


Woman Sweaters Men Sweaters  Dotted turtle neck sweater
   100% Alpaca ''Colourful'' sweater  
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Introducing our High End Alpaca Products line:
01.. Alpaca Purse with Alpaca Design
02.. Carved Alpaca wooden pencil
03.. Alpaca slippers for adults
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