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 Alpaca Rug: SHELL
Alpaca Rug: SHELL

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There is a low US $50.00 minimum for wholesale orders. To see our wholesale prices you will need to log in to your wholesale account.
If you already have an account with us please click here to log in. If you want to become a wholesale customer please click here to submit an application to open a wholesale account with us. Please note that we only will authorize business to see and place order with our wholesale prices.

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Introducing our High End Alpaca Products line:
01.. Alpaca Finger Puppets
02.. Alpaca Camargo Scarf
03.. Alpaca Socks Natural Colors
04.. Alpaca Teddy Bear Medium
05.. 100% Alpaca hand-knitted gloves
06.. 100% Alpaca Reversible hat
07.. Alpaca marbled socks
08.. Alpaca Dress Socks
09.. 100% Alpaca hand-knitted hat with ear flaps
10.. Alpaca Socks with Alpaca Motif
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